Interested in being a Master LOVER♡?

LOVE TIP – Tuesday December 31, 2013


“Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does…….
love is a growing up.” ~ James Baldwin♡

Hello Friends♡ 
I “dragged” myself out of bed ‘early’ this morning as I knew I needed to get this written as my best laid plans to write over the past few days have kept getting ‘interrupted’…….I had hoped I could get this out, at the very latest by last night, but with it being holiday time that wasn’t to be….
You know that ♡Woody Allen quote –
“If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.”
and the ♡John Lennon one –
“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”……
Well that is how it has been…

So without further ado…….
Ta Da….Drum Roll ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥
I choose to do a 365 Day Being-♥LOVE-Zero-Negativity Campaign for 2014!!!!!!
For the whole 365 days of the year!
Wow I’ve actually officially declared it!!

There are two parts of me sitting here right now.
One is saying A Big Yes to this and is feeling completely guided / pulled at a very deep soul level and knows it is THE absolutely RIGHT thing to do…. and knows I don’t have to know the mechanics of it, or what it will look like over the year……..
I JUST HAVE TO CHOOSE, share and get the word out and invite others to join, and start tomorrow January 1st, 2014!

It is such a strong pulling…..and yet at the same time it is soft and tender and gentle…..It is like being pulled to a huge spiritual magnet… energy I have no need to question at the deepest level…

The other part is saying: “ARE YOU CRAZY??? Do you know how much work, commitment, responsibility, accountability that is??……Whoooooa wait a minute!! Are you sure…..don’t be too hasty and put anything out there publicly that you will regret”……in that holier than thou tone….
It is criticising and shouting quite loudly “and you haven’t planned this very well. In fact it is the day before it is to begin and you haven’t even advertised it yet!!!!……

“That’s true, you make sense!” the other part says…… “Yet it has taken to this very moment to fully decide and jump. It is the perfect time to be here, right now and that is all there is to it……….”

How great it is to have different parts with opposite perspectives!

Yet I am touched by and so value my deep soul knowing – whatever is happening is….!! My ego tries to reason with it and comes up with all sorts of logical excuses and explanations…… yet logic isn’t relevant at the level of the soul….

AND as dear ♡Brene Brown has taught me I can only do my best in my own imperfectly perfect way…..The logistics of the Campaign over the year will work out ‘perfectly’…..

My commitment is to excellence in ♡LOVE-ing – I choose to be a Master ♡LOVER. I choose 2014 as the Year of LOVE♡ – to REALLY experience life through the lens of ♡LOVE….. to be a ♡LOVE-Finder.

If all the other stirrings in me weren’t enough to convince me… yesterday I received this message in an email
My Biz Tip of The Day
“Generally, it takes about 10,000 hours to master something worthwhile”………
That sealed it for me…..enough messages! I get it!!

Each morning I will post on our 30 Day Being-♥LOVE-Zero-Negativity Campaign Facebook Group page on the topic of LOVE♡ for the 365 days of 2014.
What that will look like, how long, how little, how anything….. will vary over the days, months and year, and will evolve I am sure…..

I am excited by some of the ideas that keep popping into my head about different themes of ♡LOVE to focus on and the work of different people to include… prepared for some special surprises…..

You can ask to join HERE

It would be my privilege to have you join me in whatever way your soul pulls you♡
Are you interested in / willing to join me?
I would sure value having you on board this journey of learning all there is to becoming A MASTER LOVER♡

We will still have monthly 30 Day Being-♥LOVE-Zero-Negativity Campaigns throughout the year with different themes. Some of these will be led by different people – volunteers are welcome. Please apply.

I am choosing the Facebook Group page as we have had a successful 30 Day Being-♥LOVE-Zero-Negativity Campaign for December with a beautiful group of people regularly showing up and interacting there. I know some of you who read this blog have participated and I would appreciate you sharing your experience of the Campaign and what you have received in the comments below……..

I will also be posting here from time to time on Susies♥heartpathblog where I will expand on the different topics and themes.

I see growing my ability to ♡LOVE and be compassionate as the very strong and essential purpose of my life… remember that I am ♡LOVE, that we all are ♡LOVE and that is what we are here for……

So as this wonderful Year of 2013 ends…… and 2014 dawns….new beginnings and fresh starts….is it time to wipe the slate clean and plant new seeds?……

I do admire you for being your A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, gorgeous, beautiful ♡Self… And… 2014 the year you choose to show up even more?….to be fully unapologetically ♡You?…. to listen to your soul calling…….to dare to dream BIG?…… To dream and act BIG?

Are you interested in being a Master LOVER♡? Are you in? Sign on HERE

A Happy & LOVE-filled 2014 to you… Soul Hugs and LOVE all ways and always, Susie♡ 
Today is the best day of my life…..Thank you♡

Mother Teresa - spread your love

About susiesheartpathblog

My aim with Susies♥HeartpathBlog is to connect and relate to you from my heart, mind and soul while sharing information and resources about conscious relationships, communication and ♡LOVE and FULL exuberant ALIVENESS…. My intention is to provide a space where you can engage with me and with the community of those who are ‘walking’ the ♥HEART PATH of conscious relationships….. people who daily make choices and actions about becoming and being more ♡LOVE-ing…….people who care that their partners and families and friends and the wider community feel ♡LOVE-d and lovable… people who are curious about and respect and validate the reality of ‘the other’ and who choose to create and live in a Zero Negativity Zone [ZNZ zone].... I am committed to teaching and sharing practical user-friendly communication ★TOOLS and Skills and processes that lead to growth and deep healing, connection, ♡LOVE and intimacy. I am a keen net-worker and committed to connecting people to the abundance of resources that are available. I believe much of what we need is out there, yet people don’t often know the resources are there or if they do where to find them. Putting people in touch with opportunities and possibilities is a high priority for me….
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3 Responses to Interested in being a Master LOVER♡?

  1. Anne says:

    Such an inspiration…looking forward to a year of love!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Happiest New Year dear Anne♡
    So wonderful to get your message that you are inspired and jumping on board.
    Excited to be journeying and growing together.
    Here’s to a splendid year! Much LOVE♡


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