♥Happy 64th Birthday to me…

LOVE NOTE – Wednesday April 2nd, 2014

Dear Friends
64 Today!!

•*¨*•♫♪ ░HAPPY░ (¯”•.¸*♥♥♥* ¸.•”¯) ░BIRTHDAY░ ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ .•*¨`*ི♥ྀ░TO░░ME░♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

Susie 64 b'day

WoW what a ♡LOVE filled day I have had and are still having with the messages keeping on flowing in from the northern hemisphere where they are just starting their day!!!!
It has actually been a whole beautiful birthday week full of blessings… 

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone for your ♡LOVE-ing Birthday wishes and all the many creative ways you have celebrated me.
I am definitely feeling FLOODED with ♡LOVE  – and I want you to know that one of my fondest wishes is each one of you does know that you are important to me and your good wishes are appreciated …. please do forgive me if I haven’t personally acknowledged you yet……..I’m working on it…..yet sitting at the computer or being on the phone doing that hasn’t been possible….. as there were so many FuN distractions I was being ‘called’ to do!!

It is a significant birthday I think.
When ♡Russ died in 2000, 11 weeks later I turned 50 and I have, and will always remember, that as a very significant birthday. Yes turning 50 is an important milestone in most people’s lives…… yet seeing my life partner had just died the message I got was it was the beginning of the second half of my life for me. And just 6 months later my darling ♡Shelton walked into my life……..and that began lots of new stories…….

Now it feels like on this 64th birthday so much of my past life has been ‘wiped out’ I am at the beginning of some very new part of my life.
Not sure what it is yet but that is OK♡
As I said last night, it feels like there is an opening in me to go to another level…..to go deeper, or to open more, or to expand my present…..

I notice signs.
I shared many in The ending of the First Stage P.F. [Post Fire] post:
– I have completed the first 90 DAY bracket for the year,
– there is the beginning of much new green growth at Warm Fuzzy Hill with the weather and season change, and
– the stunning Easter Lilies shoots coming through and blossoming…..

I am at the beginning of STAGE 2 – I am still deep in the process of mourning and grieving all there is about my beautiful home and life there being destroyed by the bush-fire….. Tonight I look up in to the beautiful crisp night air and see a very clear crescent moon – always for me a sign of the beginning of ‘the rise to the full….’

I found it so interesting this morning before I had turned on the computer one of the first thoughts I had was OMG!!……… the image I used with yesterday’s post was –
“I want to know if you will stand in the center of the fire with me and not shrink back…..”
Interesting isn’t it in that there were a range of images and sentences I could pick from the whole poem and that was the one my unconscious picked – and I didn’t even realize it till the next morning. I do ♡LOVE that process!

“……..stand in the center of the fire with me and not shrink back…” WooHoo!

For now I offer a gift to you of a post I wrote for my birthday in 2012 –
My birthday wishes for you……it all feels soooooo relevant still. Please do go and check it out and take them all in.

This is my favourite photo from my birthday dinner tonight where I was gifted with the beautiful bear that ♡Toni made for me ably assisted by ♡Rick.


Tah Dah!! Her name is Rosalie Bear. She is magnificent….a jointed one-of-a-kind unique type of bear that ♡Toni is an expert at making. Many of these wonderful creations were burned to ash and dust in both of our homes……Part of my wanting is sharing ‘stuff’ that helps people to understand more about the ache and sorrow that is in us. Maybe ♡Rosalie will help show that.

♡Rosalie feels to me like she is a symbol of both the beginning of new creations as well as a memento of the cherished old that has been destroyed – she wears a string of beads tarnished by the fire that were one of the few treasures that were salvaged from ♡Toni’s Stonievilla House ruins. Thank you dear friends for such a special gift from a very deep place in my heart.

I feel held and supported by a ♡LOVE-ing universe. May you too!
Here’s to a grand year ahead for us all…..
LOVE & much Gratitude, Susie

 ♡♥♡DAY 92365 Day Being-♥LOVE-Zero-Negativity Campaign 

About susiesheartpathblog

My aim with Susies♥HeartpathBlog is to connect and relate to you from my heart, mind and soul while sharing information and resources about conscious relationships, communication and ♡LOVE and FULL exuberant ALIVENESS…. My intention is to provide a space where you can engage with me and with the community of those who are ‘walking’ the ♥HEART PATH of conscious relationships….. people who daily make choices and actions about becoming and being more ♡LOVE-ing…….people who care that their partners and families and friends and the wider community feel ♡LOVE-d and lovable… people who are curious about and respect and validate the reality of ‘the other’ and who choose to create and live in a Zero Negativity Zone [ZNZ zone].... I am committed to teaching and sharing practical user-friendly communication ★TOOLS and Skills and processes that lead to growth and deep healing, connection, ♡LOVE and intimacy. I am a keen net-worker and committed to connecting people to the abundance of resources that are available. I believe much of what we need is out there, yet people don’t often know the resources are there or if they do where to find them. Putting people in touch with opportunities and possibilities is a high priority for me….
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5 Responses to ♥Happy 64th Birthday to me…

  1. Hi Susie,
    Have a wonderful birthday and suspend everything else that is going on just to breathe in this beautiful day. It is warm and sunny, perfume filled air is gently moving among the trees, birds are darting here and there, little creatures on the bottom of the bush floor are scurrying about being busy yet there is a stillness when you stop and savour it all. May you have peace and serenity today even for just a few moments amongst your happy celebrations.
    Warm hugs, Chris

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dearest Chris♡
      I am breathing in your beautiful picture…..Thank You……it reminds me of the wonderful card you sent me last week…..so relaxing and peaceful….imagining I am in bush savouring it all…opening my senses to the sights, the sounds, the smells, feeling my body sitting with the stillness and peace and serenity. I am happy….I am ♡LOVED, just Be-ing…… inhaling Beauty……. Exhaling ♡LOVE….mmmmmmmm
      Wrapped in your warm hugs……LOVE Susie♡


  2. You are truly beautiful, Susie….a gift to us all:)
    love and peace and restoration and huge joy to you
    in all of your being:)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh dear sweet soul sister Jennifer♡
      Your words always make me feel truly beautiful…coming straight from your soul and going deep into my being…..carrying ♡LOVE, peace, huge joy and sweet restoration….
      My heart blossoms and feels so beautiful and tenderly held……. I feel you regarding my essence in much the same way as you do the beautiful flowers that you so splendidly capture in your photos and paintings……from I am LOVED Susie♡


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