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Make Next Year Your Best Year Yet…Relationship ♥Cherishment Review

♥LOVE NOTE – Sunday December 28th, 2014 Hello LOVE-Finders♡ 50 WEEKS P.F. [Post Fire] today and only 4 more sleeps till the end of this truly unforgettable year of 365 momentous Days………. a year I will remember forever! Goodbye to 2014. Hello 2015……… … Continue reading

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Warm Fuzzy Hill and the original Warm Fuzzy Tale♥

♥LOVE TIP – Saturday December 15, 2012 Hello Friends♥ This afternoon we went to a neighbourhood Christmas gathering/party that was generously hosted by one of our neighbours and we got to meet lots of new young people who have moved into our … Continue reading

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Communication ☆Tool – Story I Make Up – My ♥SIMU

♥LOVE NOTE – Friday September 14, 2012 Hello Folks♡ Story I Make Up – My SIMU  is another very effective and helpful ☆TOOL in our Relationship and Communication ♥TOOLBOX/TREASURE CHEST.           Other words to describe my SIMU are: my interpretations  my assumptions my … Continue reading

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♥travelling again and our big Dreams and new Programs

♥LOVE TIP – Wednesday May 2nd, 2012  Hellooooo dear FRIENDS♡ …from Mackay airport where we have just found we have an unscheduled hour delay. We are flying to Sydney to pick up our connecting flight (AND another unscheduled hour wait) and then back home to … Continue reading

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♥a day of delight at our Ayurvedic Retreat

♥LOVE TIP  – Monday March 5th, 2012 Helllllllloooooo SPECIAL PEOPLE ♥…….. Some people have been asking for me to share about what we are doing here at the Ayurvedic Retreat so here’s an overview including what our days are like in pics…..I’m … Continue reading

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How do you stop yourself being reactive and unkind? Before you speak ♥T.H.I.N.K!

♥LOVE NOTE – Sunday January 29, 2012 Hello Treasured and Valued Ones…..♡ I have just found this amazing THINK quote and we have decided to adopt it as a new ♡TOOL in our Communication ♡TOOLBOX/TREASURE CHEST. What a great list of questions to ask ourselves to clean up what comes out of our mouths………Problem … Continue reading

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