Choosing Beauty♡

Words of ♡Alberto Villoldo:

“Beauty before me,
beauty behind me,
beauty all around me.
These words come from a Navaho prayer of gratitude, from a person who sees only beauty in the world.

Seeing beauty is not a passive act – it is an active and empowering deed. When you see beauty above all else, beauty will seek and find you – you begin to practice beauty.

You transform the map you carry of reality, and which you most likely inherited from your parents when you were young. When your internal maps are filled with beauty, your outer world is likewise infused with splendor.

When you practice beauty, you have time in your life, because beauty takes you into the timeless. Beauty requires stillness, pausing, stopping in your tracks at the sight of the new blossom in the almond tree or the cactus flower that only blooms for one night. As you practice beauty you get to taste infinity and touch your own immortality. You will have time to laugh, time to meditate, time to help others.

Give others the gift of seeing the beauty within themselves and within every situation. Speak words of beauty, including the words “Thank you”

Say a gracious word to a colleague. Uplift a friend. You will experience greater happiness and wellbeing while transforming the world by bringing beauty and healing where there is ugliness, alleviating the suffering of others, and creating peace where there is conflict.

By perceiving beauty you are dreaming beauty into creation.”



How do you describe the beauty of the shades of pinks in this rose other than splendid….my healing colour ♡ 

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