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Divorced Man’s Marriage Advice Goes Viral…♥

♥LOVE NOTE – Monday August 26, 2013. Hello dear Friends♡ I want a divorce!  Very serious and mostly scary words. Scary to say, scary to hear! Along with Death it is one of the horrible D-words. The topic of divorce has … Continue reading

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SMART P ACTION PLAN &…does this get me closer to my goal?

Tuesday 7th June 2011 “What day is it?” It’s today,” squeaked Piglet. My favorite day,” said Pooh.” ~ A.A. Milne Congratulations to those of you on  Day 7 of our 30 DAY BEING-♡LOVE CAMPAIGN. I’m wondering how you who have taken … Continue reading

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★TIPS for beginning new things…..

♥LOVE NOTE – 31st May/1st June 2011 Hello and Good Morning!! Hear me singing to you: Oh what a beautiful mornnnnnnnnnnnning  Oh what a beautiful daaaaaaaay I’ve got a wonderful feelinnnnnnnnnnnng Everything’s going my way…. “How many lives can you touch … Continue reading

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Home & my unconscious and automatic behaviours and routines

Sunday – 6th March 2011 Preface: Sunday 27th March 2011 I know you will find this hard to believe but it’s now March 27th and I am finishing writing this post only now! Gasp! 3 weeks later! This is the … Continue reading

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I Can Do It!! The ACTIONS I take create the RESULTS I get

Tuesday – 22nd February 2011 87 steps.  I can do it!… 88. YES I can…. 89. Nearly there, 90 steps. Yay I made it!… 90 steps up the hill from the beach to our cottage. I made it…. AND my … Continue reading

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