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♥travelling again and our big Dreams and new Programs

♥LOVE TIP – Wednesday May 2nd, 2012  Hellooooo dear FRIENDS♡ …from Mackay airport where we have just found we have an unscheduled hour delay. We are flying to Sydney to pick up our connecting flight (AND another unscheduled hour wait) and then back home to … Continue reading

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Grief….and the meaning of life…♥

♥LOVE NOTE – Monday October 24, 2011 Hello dear People♡ I sit looking at this image and so many feelings just sit in the middle of my belly……and it’s like there are almost no words to describe what those feelings are…… … Continue reading

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♡LOVE-ing & Caring Behaviours…..

♥ DAILY LOVE TIP – Thursday July 28, 2011 Who needs you to write them a ♡LOVE note today? It might be your ♡Beloved but it might also be your child or your parents or your brother or sister or … Continue reading

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Living A Life of ♡Joy – what an elusive undertaking!

Living A Life of ♡JOY – what an elusive undertaking!…task-mission-venture-endeavour-project-journey! It seems it is as elusive as expecting that there will always be sunny clear days!! Like this morning I’ve woken to drizzly rain and grey overcast sky after the … Continue reading

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Eileen’s Story – my rebirth!

Sunday– 27th February 2011    A state of total surrender – Upon first encounter in the massage treatment room on Monday I was presented with what appears to be a torture bed. Happily it is not so. I strategically position my 80kg on … Continue reading

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