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♥crossing the bridge

♥LOVE NOTE  – Tuesday February 21, 2012 Hello treasured & valued friends♡ Just wanted to say a warm and ♡LOVE-ing hellooooooooooo to you all from AGRA where we arrived tonight…….and say I am thinking about you and missing connecting in….. I’ve been finding it extremely difficult to write as … Continue reading

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The Communication ♥Toolbox & the ☆Tool of ‘Crossing the Bridge’

♥LOVE NOTE – Monday 14th March 2011 Imagine a world where everyone knows how to communicate and connect with each other: – where people both respectfully listen and talk – and truly hear each other – and both feel heard and know … Continue reading

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How differently we perceive reality…♥Temple Grandin

Saturday – 5th March 2011 We flew out of Delhi at 11.30pm and flew through the night to arrive into Singapore at 7.35am and after a quick wander around left Singapore at 9.35am to arrive back home into Perth around … Continue reading

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