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I can give away my happiness if I choose♡

♥LOVE TIP – Sunday December 8, 2013 Hello LOVE-lies♥ Such a remarkable and outstanding beginning to December…so much nurturing and ♡LOVE and caring and growth…..The Couples Intimacy Retreat (from 1st – 7th at the Hummingbird Eco-Retreat on the Mornignton Peninsula in … Continue reading

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Do you think leaving your relationship is the only answer? Think again!

♥LOVE NOTE – Saturday April 23rd, 2012  Hello LOVELIES♡ There’s a very popular belief: If your relationship is not working leave it! Yet, guess what? Leaving your partner is generally not going to change you or your relationships. Why? Wherever you … Continue reading

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Completions and Celebrations!♥

♥LOVE NOTE – Thursday June 30, 2011 Celebrations and Completions!! Today is a double completion for me. ‘Officially’ it’s DAY 30 of our 30 DAY BEING-♡LOVE CAMPAIGN – Hooray!! Well done!!…. And today is also the funeral and celebration of the … Continue reading

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