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choosing ♥actions to do

♥ DAILY LOVE TIP – Sunday September 18, 2011 It’s a blustery, windy rainy Sunday here in the Hills in Stoneville today. I love the rain and we need the rain……..yet our Warm Fuzzy Hill orchard and the gardens are full … Continue reading

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all ♡children are miraculous & how to really ♥LOVE a child

♥LOVE NOTE – Friday August 19, 2011 Hellllloooooo! It’s FuN fRiDAy again! Yay!!….. And I am choosing another of ♥SARK’s posters for you to play with – http://www.planetsark.com How did you go last week choosing 3 of ♥SARK’s instructions on her poster: … Continue reading

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You are always on your way to a ♥miracle…

♥LOVE NOTE – Friday August 12, 2011 Hello Gorgeous ♥Ones, What a great message from the most lovely ♡SARK – http://www.planetsark.com I wonder how much you can feel inside you that this is true for you. Is there anything inside you … Continue reading

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Permission to be wonderful ♥YOU & introducing my ♥WIB

♥ DAILY LOVE TIP – Tuesday July 19, 2011 Following on from the ♥TIPS from the last two days RE-FRAMING negative self talk is what today’s topic started out as……but just thinking about and reflecting on it……. it has expanded … Continue reading

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