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feeling so blissfully happy and oh sooooo pleasured…♥

♥LOVE TIP  – Friday September 28th, 2012 “Shechina refers to a way of being in the world……….there’s no real English word for it. It is the experience of waking up in the morning full of utter joy for the arrival of … Continue reading

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Life as a repetition of patterns – day in / day out

♥LOVE TIP – Tuesday 25 September, 2012. Hello Friends♥ I’m sitting at my desk in my cottage and in front of me is a window which looks out down to the ocean. Down to the beach that is now covered with … Continue reading

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Come with us on a virtual Aruyvedic Retreat♥

♥LOVE TIP – Sunday September 23, 2012 Dear Ones♥ How I wish I could transport you all here to share with us in Kerala at the beautiful Ayurvedic Retreat where we arrived late last night after travelling all day……. And what a loooooong day it … Continue reading

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Communication ☆Tool – Story I Make Up – My SIMU

♥LOVE NOTE – Friday September 14, 2012 My SIMU is another very effective and helpful ☆TOOL in our Relationship and Communication ♥TOOLBOX/TREASURE CHEST.   When coaching people I frequently hear them sharing their perception, their opinion, or their ‘story’ of what is going on, … Continue reading

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I was here….♥

♥LOVE TIP – Sunday September 9, 2012. Hello Lovelies♥ A Big THANK YOU Friends♡♥♡ for all the full living and ♥LOVE-ing you do and for the hearts you touch and for the difference you make in so many ways every single day……. … Continue reading

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I choose ♥LOVE and relationships and kindness. What do you choose?

♥LOVE TIP – Saturday September 1, 2012 Happy September✿ and Happy Springtime✿ for us here in the southern hemisphere – my absolutely very most favourite season♥ 🙂 What a great beginning to Spring✿ today was! A walk in the bush this morning with the lovely ♥Shelton … Continue reading

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