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Living A Life of ♡Joy – what an elusive undertaking!

Living A Life of ♡JOY – what an elusive undertaking!…task-mission-venture-endeavour-project-journey! It seems it is as elusive as expecting that there will always be sunny clear days!! Like this morning I’ve woken to drizzly rain and grey overcast sky after the … Continue reading

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“May I Be Frank” movie – Transformation and Being Rejuvenated

 Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th April 2011 We had the pleasure of meeting a very fine human being this weekend…in fact we met a bunch (as Americans would say) of very fine human beings. We drove about 2 hours north of … Continue reading

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The Art of Not Being Offended

Thursday 21st April 2011 I was sent an article today from one of my colleagues who is a friend of the author. It is  exceptional reading. I think everyone will find it interesting and helpful and my opinion is so … Continue reading

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Posting “in real time” & Fund Hope for Happy Marriages/Families

Monday 18th April 2011  Hello Lovelies, Yay!! Today is a significant day! We’ve been back in Seattle for 2 weeks now and I’ve decided it is time for me to start posting “in real time” – about what is happening … Continue reading

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Have I been able to do it….?

Saturday 19th March 2011  So the question I am imagining you want me to update you on is have I done it? Have I been able to incorporate what is most important to me from the Kerala Retreat – my … Continue reading

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