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Home & my unconscious and automatic behaviours and routines

Sunday – 6th March 2011 Preface: Sunday 27th March 2011 I know you will find this hard to believe :O) but it’s now March 27th and I am finishing writing this post only now!!- gasp! – 3 weeks later! This is … Continue reading

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Catching- up day and “The ENERGIES of LOVE & The Four Sensory Systems”

 ♥DAILY LOVE TIP – Thursday March 24th, 2011  So nice to have a few hours to sleep in late….. and to just go for a wander downstairs and dawdle……. and relax…..and to nap some more…….especially after the pace I was … Continue reading

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The ‘Air Travel Marathon’ Grumble

 ♥DAILY LOVE TIP – Wednesday March 23rd, 2011  I’m writing again…finally!  Thank you for your patience and for showing up again to read.  Interestingly enough, guess where I’m writing?  We have left Australia again! We are in a plane about half … Continue reading

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The Communication ♥Toolbox & the ☆Tool of ‘Crossing the Bridge’

♥LOVE NOTE – Monday 14th March 2011 Imagine a world where everyone knows how to communicate and connect with each other….. – where people both respectfully listen and talk – and truly hear each other – and both feel heard…and know their … Continue reading

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How differently we perceive reality…♥Temple Grandin

Saturday – 5th March 2011 We flew out of Delhi at 11.30pm and flew through the night to arrive into Singapore at 7.35am and after a quick wander around left Singapore at 9.35am to arrive back home into Perth around … Continue reading

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Leaving Ambala and leaving India for now……I am grateful

Friday – 4th March 2011  We had a short time in the morning for some shopping to check out some clothes for Zoe and me. We were delighted that Gaurav’s mum came along to help us by translating. We were … Continue reading

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What a day! Another one…. and the Promise Ceremony

Thursday – 3rd March 2011    Wow what a day! As I mentioned yesterday, today is Zoe and Gaurav’s Promise Ceremony Day. In short what is meant by this is it is the Indian equivalent of our engagement process where each … Continue reading

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