Kerala Rejuvenation Retreat FAQ’s

Kerala Resort Cottages

Frequently Asked Questions

Where in India is the Kerala Retreat?

♥  The Resort is situated on the picturesque Malabar Coast in the southern Indian state of Kerala.  The location is just 30 minutes or 21 kilometres from Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram) International Airport & is situated right on the seaside in the village of Chowara.

How do I get to the Resort from the airport?

♥  We take care of transfers between the airport and the Resort. You will be met and picked up and taken to the Resort.

What is the climate like?
♥  Kerala is India’s southernmost state & is close to the equator and has tropical forests and a climate that is pleasant all year round.

Do I have to be in a relationship if I want to attend?

♥  No, you don’t!  This Retreat is open to individuals as well as couples. It is for anyone who wants to spend dedicated time being fully pampered, nurtured and rejuvenated while rediscovering and connecting to themself and others. Often it can be a challenge to find the time to relax and connect to yourself, and if you are in a relationship to connect with each other… and to just BE…

What is the Retreat about?
♥  The Kerala Retreats are about CHANGE – it is about being able to fully immerse yourself in this healing environment without ALL your usual daily distractions. Like the best way to learn a new language is to immerse yourself fully in the environment where only that language is spoken. This is how we see this Kerala Retreat.

What food will be available?

Kerala Food DSC00744-1

♥ All Ayurvedic gourmet vegetarian meals are included. You will receive a personalised diet plan/menu that is tailored to your personal body type for maximum detox, rejuvenation & revitalising benefits. You can either eat from the extensive Buffet or order from the menu.
♥ All fresh juices, coconuts, teas and beverages are included
♥ All vitamins and tonics prescribed for you whilst at the Retreat

What is available to do each day?

♥ Two hour daily Group Session with Susie and Shelton to process, to learn and practice and deepen communication Tools and Skills and to practice how to relax and de-stress using various techniques to create lasting changes in your life.

group work in paradise

group work in paradise

♥ Daily Yoga, Meditation & Pranayama [yogic breathing] classes are available if you wish to participate

Kerala yoga DSC00706

For what happens on an ‘AVERAGE DAY’?

See:  A day of delight at our ayurvedic retreat

Is there space to do yoga on your own?
♥ There is space for yoga in your own cottage, on the extensive lawn areas or using the yoga hall when it is not being used.

What ACCOMMODATION is available?

♥10 nights accommodation in delightful individual cottages set in secluded tropical gardens, with a choice of 2 categories – Standard or Special.

Difference between STANDARD and SPECIAL Cottages:
The SPECIAL cottages are larger and have more of a scenic outlook – either onto the beach or garden.
The STANDARD cottages have smaller gardens, not as private (as in people can walk pass), and have little or no view.
BOTH have en suite bathrooms, twin beds or double, and outside table & chairs, day bed or hammock.


To give an IDEA of FEES*

Double share Standard cottages @ $2300 per person
Double share Special cottages @ $2830 per person
Single Standard cottages @ $2650 per person
Single Special cottages @ $3490 per person

* NOTE: These are old prices.

Why should I book through you?

It is very special for us to be able to offer you a PACKAGE that includes our personal growth and relationship healing work together with Ayurvedic healing in such a nurturing and relaxing environment.

If you book independently there is no guarantee that you will be situated near us and you will not have access to the full package of treatments, food, drink, etc and you could miss out on the work that happens simply from spending time with others.

What will it be like attending the Retreat?

Jodie Sanders shares about her joyful experience at the latest Retreat: March 2012:

What kind of treatments are available?

Ayurveda centre♥ Individual Consultation on arrival with your Ayurvedic Practitioner to guide and monitor your personalised rejuvenation and healing program and daily consultation thereafter.

♥ Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Therapy treatments and body massages for over 2 hours per day for the duration of your stay (additional therapies and treatments can be arranged) READ MORE

kerala - oil on forehead

Kerala massage DSC00614

What is Ayurveda?

Here is a description of Ayurveda.

What have other people said about previous retreats?

TESTIMONIALS from past Retreat attendees:
– “It was a life changing experience. Great fun!!!!” Eileen.
– “The treatments in particular were just an “out of this world” experience.
– “The facility and the attention to detail of staff contributed to making it a great experience.” LP
– Yes….I finally learnt how to relax! Christa K.
– ‘As far as I’m concerned the retreat was faultless!’ Marnie
– “Lots of fun and much needed laughter” Carley

We were having difficulties with our relationship – communication & intimacy (sexual & non-sexual/physical & non-physical) and were considering breaking up. We did the Couples weekend workshop with Susie & Shelton which was a fabulous initiation to Imago as they give such real, practical, very well-informed, insightful and personally modelled guidance but we had slipped back to old patterns.

We found the combination of the Imago work with Susie & Shelton for 2 hours each day and the wonderful treatments (Ayurvedic potions and massages), daily meditation & yoga, simply superb cuisine, wonderful setting and very warm & friendly service, made for not just a rejuvenating break but a serious endeavour on our relationship that we otherwise struggle to make.

If you’re looking to improve or rescue your relationships then this trip away to Kerala with Susie & Shelton is a highly recommended way to go!” Jennie and David.

Read more about the Kerala Rejuvenation Retreat from these blog posts –

February 2011 Kerala

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When is the next Kerala Rejuvenation Retreat for couples and individuals?

♥  TBA – in the planning

Kovalam BeachSept2012 quote

S&Sh KovalamB 28Sept2012 quote

I have some more questions – how can I contact you to ask them?

Susie or Shelton on 0414 771 741

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