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a few of my ♡favourite things…

♥ DAILY LOVE TIP – Sunday July 31, 2011 The invitation today is to spend this last day of this glorious month of July reflecting on, and thinking about, and starting to make a list of all the things that … Continue reading

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A soul mate’s purpose is to shake you up………

♥ DAILY LOVE TIP – Saturday July 30, 2011 from Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Eat, Pray, Love”. What a wealth of points there are in this quote……….. I am going to leave it with you to reflect and ponder on and invite you … Continue reading

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“The most wasted of all days is one without LAUGHTER”……

♥LOVE NOTE – Friday July 29, 2011  LAUGHTER 😀 – it feels good to laugh and it’s good for you too!! A good belly laugh is one of the 2 things that is important to do at least once everyday! Check … Continue reading

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♡LOVE-ing & Caring Behaviours…..

♥ DAILY LOVE TIP – Thursday July 28, 2011 Who needs you to write them a ♡LOVE note today? It might be your ♡Beloved but it might also be your child or your parents or your brother or sister or … Continue reading

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Choose ♥LOVE to win over hate and evil

♥ DAILY LOVE TIP – Wednesday July 27, 2011 Thanks Scott for the reminder of the beauty of the St Francis of Assisi Prayer. ♥Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi – Mother Teresa’s Version Lord, make me a channel of … Continue reading

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What new way of ♥LOVE-ing would you be if you knew you could not fail?

♥ DAILY LOVE TIP – Tuesday July 26, 2011  Hello ♥Lovelies, Responding to my sister’s request about her liking shorter posts this is for her today….. :O) What is one thing you find that is challenging in your relationship(s) that these … Continue reading

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“Who can I hug today?” ♥Hugs are MUCH better than drugs!

♥ DAILY LOVE TIP – Monday July 25, 2011 Hello ♥Lovelies at the beginning to this wondrous new week……may it be nourishing for you…….  Today the conversation I would like to have with you is about ♥TOUCH and ♥HUGS…..I’m underlining the … Continue reading

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