16 Responses to How it looks when a bushfire destroys your family home and life

  1. Kim Holland says:

    Dear Susie and Shelton,
    My thoughts and prayers are with you both at this difficult time in your journey.
    Love and blessings Kim xx

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  2. Yaz says:

    Thank you for sharing this difficult journey, Susie. Yes, it does bring things back.

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  3. Helena Bury says:

    O Susie and Shelton…..my heart goes out to you . I know what it means to have bushfire on your doorstep…not to lose your home, though…Having been caught in New Norfolk in Tasmania, on a hopfield, with two tiny children and an inferno raging, in 1967, and no telephone, no water, no power, no PEOPLE about…. I know the power of fire and the fear.
    How are you doing ? If you want to run away to somewhere cooler for a while…be my guests and come here. I invite you. The garden is shady, cool and green and the pin oak spreads its shelter and shade and consolation.
    You are marvellous, strong and SOOOO loved by SOOOO many…you will be ok….but from one who knows – this experience will always now be a part of you, so – healers, heal thine own selves and seek help… !!!

    With all love and blessings…… Helena. xx

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  5. Laura says:

    Hi Susie, you are right it can’t be rebuilt. The photos are devastating but some glimmers of hope – and there is heart everywhere! I hope your new beginnings have begun. X

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    • I appreciate you visiting and commenting Laura♡ ….thanks for reminding me that there are ♡hearts everywhere….and yes there are new beginnings-baby steps in our schedule of one day at a time…LOVE Susie♡


  6. Jennifer Stamm says:

    Oh, Susie and Shelton- I had NO IDEA what you have been going through…but I have missed your newsletters and I was thinking about you the other day because I have friends in Michigan who need your services… Bless you Both- I know if there is anything at all to “learn” from such heartache, that the two of you are learning and will pass along compassion to many many others- I hope you are surrounded by Love and Caring Friends…I hope you will be able to resume the amazing Healing Work you both do..but most important is to Be Healed from this incredible experience. Sending much love from a little North of Seattle (Mt. Vernon)- jennystamm@hotmail.com

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  7. Dearest sweet Susie and Shelton. I’m grateful to have received your newsletter and word of your story. I’m sending heaps of love your way. I am blown away! The photos illustrate the depths of destruction yet all of those colorful hearts amid the ruins say, “Take Heart!” I know your enduring spirit and the incredible relationship that you both share will help you to heal and grow. How incredible the significance of the date of this event! wow. Wow. WOW! I need to read on to the follow up posts to see where things are at. I’m most grateful that you and Shelton are safe and not consumed by the fire and smoke. {soul hugs} Kathryn and Fernando

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  8. Dorsey says:

    Dear Susie,
    I loved your home so much. What a loss, my heart aches for you, Freea, Zoe, and Shelton and especially your incredible, unique and special home. Love, Dorsey

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