OMG!…Oh my gosh!

Greetings from KERALA 😊


It’s the end of DAY 1 of our Kerala Ayurvedic Retreat and most of our group is sleeping peacefully, feeling relaxed and nourished and very well indulged. Everyone commented at dinner it was like they had been here for days, and how full and good they were feeling.

They’ve gone to bed and I’m writing. I’m sitting in the reception area of the Retreat as it’s the only place where there is internet reception. And even though it is 10.45pm there is much coming and going happening in the background. New people arriving and others departing at all hours.Reception Somatheram DSC00610

Writing to you is energizing me to stay awake. I was eager to read the responses to my first ever post and to let you know how grateful I am for your comments and encouragement, as well as check in and share a brief update even though it is late again.

We arrived at the Resort very late last night after a great trip. Such good flights! On both segments I had 3 seats to myself to stretch out across, which meant I slept from Perth to Singapore and then from Singapore to Trivandrum. The flights were an excellent chance for me to catch up on sleep as I only had about 2 hours the night before we left. And add in a general weariness and low energy after a full and fun day out and about on our stop-over in Singapore dashing around visiting as many of our favourite places as we could.

Soooooo, for our first day.

Part of the package of being at the Resort is 10 days of Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Therapy Treatments and body massages for 2 hours each day.

And YES you did read that right – a 2 HOUR massage every day for 10 DAYS!

And today most of us began with the 90 Minute Rejuvenation Massage.

O M G!!…

For “the oldies” that means Oh My Gosh or Oh My God…This is the most expressive I can get to describe today’s body treatment.

I don’t know how it could get better than this!  

So, imagine being smeared and covered ALL over in warm oil. You are lying face down, spread-eagled and naked on the floor on a vinyl mattress. The massage therapist is holding onto a rope suspended from the roof and is massaging your whole body with her foot…


Firstly she massaged me all over my back. I then turned over and she did all over the front of me. And I mean ALL over. For the women that includes the breasts and for the guys their genital area. Note that the women are massaged by women and men massage the guys.

I was so, so oily it is like she was s l i d i n g smoothly and effortlessly over my body.

A L L over my b o d y.

So gracefully from the tip of my foot sweeping up my leg…then crossing over…..up my back and right down my arm over my hand and off the tip of my fingers. Words are a rather a clumsy way to describe her strokes which were oh so elegant, and forceful and light at the same time.

In my opinion such a massage needs to be on everybody’s Bucket List.

I am a connoisseur of massages over many, many years, and usually have a 2 hour massage every week. I have experienced many different styles/types and this one would be up there rating among the VERY. very. best!

Part of the theme for our work here is exploring who we are authentically; looking behind the many ‘masks’ and fronts we put up and ways we conceal and disguise our true selves.

Experiencing being naked in the massages is a means to explore new levels of openness, exposure and vulnerability and what it is like being without those facades and armour, and all the various ways we cover up and hide our authentic self. Opening up and discovering as we peel back the layers of who we have been told we should or have to be.

There will be more on this as the days go on. All the participants courageously baring themselves to discover more of who they truly are.

We have been thoroughly pampered and indulged.

The setting and environment here is tropical, abundant and beautiful;
– the food truly an experience and so tasty and plentiful with smorgasbords fit for a Maharajah; 
– the staff welcoming and ready and happy to serve with their big wide grinning smiles…smiles that go right up to their eyes…smiles that shine out of their face and their eyes, even when they aren’t even smiling…DSC00732 Priya aLike ♡Priya who was one of the girls who massaged me
– the rooms are picturesque, quaint and comfortable set in secluded tropical gardens;
– the traditional Indian dancing by the gorgeous young Indian girls at dinner tonight so charming and enchanting and
– the company of our group, supportive and heartening.

There is so much more to share about in later posts. Time for sleep now though…dreaming about and savouring the delights of t h a t massage.

Hope your day is nourishing and full of things you can also savour.

♡LOVE and gratitude from a still o i l y and silky Susie 😊

Never get so busy making A LIVING that you neglect to make A LIFE.


To find out how and why we got to be at the Kerala Ayurvedic Retreat see HERE 

For answers to your many questions about our ♡LOVE LIFE RETREATS and the
Somatheeram Ayurvedic Resort see:
Kerala Rejuvenation Retreat FAQ’s  

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